The Creative Performing Duo

Lizette Guy

aka Dr. K

Lizette started performing at the age of 6 in a Hollywood movie, “So This Is Paris,” She spent the rest of her childhood acting out movies in her backyard and most of her adult life creating incredible drama in her real life relationships. It was not until she discovered clowning that she found a place to play out her dramatic intensity. “The more honest I am about myself and show the audience, the more they laugh. The fool’ is the unmasked human.” Her French Canadian background has been influential in creating her strong zany clown character.

When Lizette is not performing or creating material for shows she is a teacher, a former psychotherapist and creative play facilitator. “My inspiration comes in the midst of collaborating with others in the spirit of play.” She teaches clown character development for adults and facilitates laughter workshops. Lizette has had to give up her private psychotherapy practice because of a thriving performing career as a clown. Along with Lizette’s creativity in theater, she is an avid expressive arts photographer and facilitates Conflict Resolution Workshops in jails and prisons.

I know deep in my heart that I am a success when a four year old child comes up after the show, shakes my hand and says, “You’re funny!”

Todd Victor

aka Professor Smart

Todd, physical comedian and juggler with Jest In Time Circus of Fools, has performed in 12 different countries and now performs and teaches at fairs, festivals, and schools throughout the western states.

Todd grew up in a family of ten on a farm in Connecticut. He left to study Fine Arts in New York City. He has been studying and performing mime, juggling, and physical comedy since 1980. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fun Arts from Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He writes his own material, and designs and builds the sets for Jest In Time.

Todd is a chosen member of Marin’s Youth ‘n Arts, Performing Arts Roster. He has been an artist/teacher for the William James Prison Arts Project. Todd loves performing, teaching, computers, inventing, juggling, creating one of a kind props for fun filled shows, table tennis and his wife, Lizette.

“The most exciting part for me is when we are in front of an audience and the show is really clicking. We are “ON!” Everything is working and the crowd is totally absorbed, I love it!”